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These are the Catz breeds I made in the year 2021! As always, they are all unibreeds and should work in Petz 3 - 4.

Mazz Coon

I wanted a petzy alternative to the original Maine Coon breed that was BIGGER and FLUFFIER and more like real life maine coons. I took a lot of artistic liberties so I've named this breed the "Mazz Coon" instead. This breed comes in a vareity of fur, eye, and nose colors and is my first time making a custom adoption center pic! I also made an overwriting version that overwrites the original maine coon. (make sure you make a backup!) It is a lot of fun to breed with! Feel free to edit the file in anyway you'd like. The textures are external and included, just unzip the whole thing in resource/catz. I hope you like it!

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