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When recently offered a part in a major motion picture, this breed of digital Dalmatians declined. Their agent stated: 102s are individuals. They don't want to be spotted with over 100 other Dalmatians, and get lost with the crowd. A role in the premiere Computer Petz program Dogz was also refused, the wardrobe was too limited. Lucky for these uniquely gifted performers, Oddballz offers the perfect stage to showcase their talents; it's a jewel of a part! 102s love to fetch the Atomic Ball and play with the Robo Pogo. They lap up the Liqui-Food and will do back-flips over their new Grubz doggy-treats. Use the Transformer to change your 102s spotted coat, but don't be too cruel...uh, mean. Be sure to pet and tickle your 102s as often as you can; this breed has a big heart for its owner. Applause or a standing ovation is certain to motivate your Petz toward even greater feats.

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