Welcome! My name is Mazz and I'm a 22 year old artist and this is my little online shrine dedicated to the work I've created for the PF Magic Petz series of game! I've been playing Petz since I was very young and first started creating my own mods and my own website for the game when I was 7 years old. Petz has always been a huge part of my online life and I'm excited to share my creations with all of you. I encourage you to use my files and have as much fun with them as you'd like, so please feel free to edit, share, or redistribuite in any way you see fit! If you do make something based off my files, I would love to see!

all of the downloads on this site are made for petz 4.


7.31.2020 added an archive of the oddballz web fun pack, and some scans of the cd and instruction manual.

7.22.2020 added some new playscenes and clothes. :) working on a fex hexes too.

5.20.2020. most of my backlog of catz files has been uploaded, or at least a decent chunk. I still have a ton of files lurking around different places I need to find and organize, plus a bunch of new ones I have planned to put up for download. Going to finish this before I start on the dogz, which I have a lot less of to add.

5.19.2020. launch date. welcome to my new website :-)

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