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Oddballz Breeds

These are my hexed Oddballz! They all use Carolyn's Oddballz to petz breed files which you can find here as well as special oddballz sounds! I've included the sound files in a zip with the breedfiles, simply extract it to the resource/catz files to hear your new oddballz. Most use external textures which are included as well. Credit goes to Carolyn for the conversions, I only hex paint them to my liking. These are all converted to unibreeds and will work in Petz 3 and Petz 4. I cannot gurantee they will work in Petz 5 due to the textures, however. Feel free to edit them however you would like.

Rainbow Skorch

Skorch is my favorite oddball tied with Honker so it's a shame I don't hex him enough...his personality and little dinosaur noises are just so cute. I really love how his textures turned out, they provide a really shimmery effect as he moves. He uses 6 of my rainbow scale textures which are included in this zip file, just make sure you extract them all in resource/catz.

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