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Hamhham Hamsters

Click here to DOWNLOAD the game if you don't already have it.

Hamham Hamsters is a cute little japanese game I found while browsing old Petz sites back in the day. It allows you to raise/breed your own little virtual hamsters, as well as design their cage.

    Brief Tutorial on Modding Hamham Hamsters

The game is very easy to mod. Inside the hamham folder are a series of directories. the 2D folder contains the designs for the cages. The 3D folder contains the various housing items as well as the hamsters themselves.

Inside these folders are several files ending in the extension "hi". These are actually BMP files! Just changing the extension at the end of any of these hi files to .BMP allows you to view/edit them in photoshop, gimp, etc.

BACK UP THESE ORIGINAL FILES FIRST! Edit the bmp however you'd like and then change the extension back to hi and OVERWRITE THE ORIGINAL FILE. (There might be a way to make these non overwriting, but I don't know how.) I used GIMP to edit these and originally had problems getting the bmps to show up correctly, but I found saving them as a 24 bit bmp in the advanced settings to work.

Here's my modest collection of mods, just in case you are interested.


Overwrites sora.hi in 2d folder

Overwrites mori.hi in 2d folder


overwrites d14.hi in 3d > hamsters

overwrites e11.hi in 3d > hamsters

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