Beebee Boys Standard

Introducing my first selective breed, the Beebee boy! They are named after one of my favorite petz as a child - (all the way back when I played Petz 5, ew!) who had the same structure as the current beebee boys, but without all the cool markings.

more examples of beebees.

Here is the official beebee standard:

    • Scales: Honey Bear only
      Personality: Honey Bear only
      Markings/Colors: Any!
      Ears: Honey Bear
      Head: Persian
      Body: Persian
      Legs:B+W Shorthair Preferred,Calico/MC okay, Persian/Chinchi/Meezer legs UNACCEPTABLE.
      Feet: Persian
      Tail:Persian preferred, but any fluffy tail is okay.

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