mazzew's archive

Hello, I just made this quick archive to show off my files for trade. I don't have many yet but I will update periodically. I'm mostly looking to trade for other hexies but a good application is great too!


  • renaming, gender changing, etc is ALL OK
  • if you don't want them anymore, I'd prefer if you adopted them out to someone else. but deleting is fine too.
  • have fun!
  • Hexes that are marked as retired are ones I don't have the file for anymore.
  • click on the trade link below and we can work something out. :)


All are available for trade!

Mottled2 B+W Shorthair

I moved this onto a chinchi scp because I like their personality better but yours can have any perosnality.

Puzzle Dane

uses 6 external textures and i won't apologize. the eye colors above are taken... this one uses a base from pinto.

Red and Black Dali with Weird Ears

Uses one external Texture. 223 eye color taken.

Vaporwave Dane.

The black is customisable.

Scrumpy Dalis.


Love Heart Dali

eye colors above are taken.

Mimi Dane

Only above is taken.

Dali Eared BW Shorthair

I found this file, I don't remember it, but you can have one.

Pear Calico


Flower Cat

Flower on ass. This was a collab with Sharon and Cheaco.

Fall Oshie

its that yep.

Clown Cat

a whole different clowncat, 2 externals.

Strawberry Calico

For fans of the fruit and Petz.

Poodle Eared Mutt #1

Named just in case i make a second poodle eared mutt.


files that have been lost forever- if you have one of these, please contact me! *crying face*

This Thing

I don't think I ever gave any of these out. This file is lost, which is fine, becuase they are ugly anyways.


A honker that looks like a bee. I will never recover from this devestating loss

Black and White Shorthair with Weird eyes


Trubbish Calico

I really popped off with this one.

Damn Dog

From my experimental phase.

Some type of Dane

that's what it was. I think I might still have this somewhere.

Cat with Alien Head on Ass

Hmmm...I never gave any of these out.

Octopus Cat

I will NEVER recover from this loss.



Huge Bunny


I don't remember this at all

I think sharon did the wings.

Golden Retreiver

I'll recover from this fine.


yay skorch...except not yay, HE'S GONE FOREVER.

Dog that went hard


Tie Dye thing

No memory of this.

Extreme Sparklewolf

I think sharon made the base idr.


I named him Phillip.

Another Horrible Loss

I don't want to talk about it.

An Alley Cat


Pastel Siamese

Epic as all heck.

Bear Sheepie Thing

how sweet the sound.